In 2018 we launched our new AGlaze Teakcare System, which works to keep all your teak surfaces looking prisitine and avoiding any discolouration.

Formulated by teak specialists, this product can be used on any teak furniture or decking, ensuring that any discolouration will be tranformed back to its original form.

Without maintenance, teak desks will discolour and give a dirty appearance. In time, this will turn green attracting mildew. But cleaning has to be done with care to avoid harm or damage to the wood.. Excessive scrubbing, the use of abrasive products or power washing, will remove the natural oils in the teak, reduce its lifespan.

To ensure your deck stays at its best for even longer, use our Teak Sealer to keep the colour at its best for up to 6 months (in warm climates). We also stock our AGlaze Synthetic Teak Sealant which has been developed to protect synthetic teak such as Permateek, Dek-King and Flexiteek from stains, such as oil, in the cabin areas. This is a water based spray and is easy to apply.

These pictures show a boat in Australia that has been using our teak sealer with great results lasting longer than any other product that he had tried. A full season with no deterioration.

Bought AGlaze teak treatment at the boat show. Pricey but they convinced me it would work.

Having been conned into all sorts before, I’m staggered at just how well. Only thing to watch – don’t touch any vinyl, especially white seats, with the stuff on your gloves as it stains it and is hard to remove.

It’s a two part treatment, the first lifts the grime and the second bleaches it – you have to do a patch at a time as I have done in the pic. No hard rubbing, it was really easy with a pan scourer.

There were all sorts of stains on the teak, some spilt diesel and hot nandos barbecue sauce were the worst. It was drying nicely too but was still too damp to photograph when I left.

Mark T (Marlow, Bucks)

AGlaze Teakcare System

Formulated exclusively for us by teak specialist, this new systeam can be used on any teak decking or furniture transforming grey and dull areas back their original form when new.

Process 1

Without harming the timber, a cleaning solution is applied which will clean deep into the surface of the teak.

Process 2

To finish the cleaning process a neutralizing solution is then applied, followed by washing the deck down with fresh water and allowed to dry thoroughly. One litre of solution with clean up to 15sq m.

From garden furniture, to decking, all teak products can be cleaned to look brand new, and by diluting the solution can also be used on teak products that just need a freshen up.

In order to apply the teakcare system, rubber gloves, scouring pads and a stiff brush will also be required.

AGlaze Teak Sealant

As a new addition to the range, the AGlaze Teak Sealant, can be brushed onto the teak once it has been cleaneed and renovated with the teak care kit.

Once treated with Teak Sealent, the surfaces can be expected to avoid discolouration for up to 6 months. Thsi product has been tested in the warm Asia climates and has producted very successful results, proving therefore, that the sealant can succesfully maintain colour and protect from UV rays.


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