A Glaze surgery – The perfect solution to ensure a pristine finish

The maintenance of a boat can be a minefield with all the products that are available, so we have created a simple and easy to use guide to help you with any maintenance issues that you may be experiencing. All the products recommended can be purchased through our website or by giving us a call.

Yellowing on hull

Remove using Heavy duty hull cleaner

Scuff marks on decking

Remove using deck cleaner or an eradicator sponge.

Mildew on the canopy

Remove using the Canvas Canopy Cleaner. To avoid regrowth we recommend applying our new Formula Fabric Protector/Water Proofer

My boat has become chalky and has lost it's colour

Using a machine (if possible), use Pre Cut at up to 1800 revs. Then apply our Prep and use additional coats of Glaze (around 50% to fill the pores to stop fading). For further advice, please contact us.

GRP has lost its shine

To resolve this problem in the short term, apply Speed Finish. To achieve a long term shine we recommed using a Marine A Glaze Kit.

Marks on vinyl seating

Firstly remove any marks using the Nano Kit and then seal the material using the Vinyl and Leather Protector.

Smell of Diesel in the cabin

Use the Air Purifier to eliminate any smells.

Mildew appearing in cabin during winterisation

Remove using Air Purifier. If mildew is also growing on the canopy, wash using the Canopy Cleaner and then seal with the Fabric Protector.

Fenders need cleaning

Clean using the Fender Restorer and, to maintain, protect with Fender and Dinghy Sealant.

Black Streak Marks

For stubborn marks, use an Eradicator Sponge or the Marine Preparation.

Dullness/flatness to GRP

Use Precut and protect wtith AGlaze Marine Kit.

Restoring stainless steel cleats

Clean using Metal Polish and, to avoid further oxidisation, seal with Stainless Steel Sealant.

Rust stains on GRP

Depending on how severe the rusting is, start by using an Eradicator Sponge, then clean with the Hull Cleaner and Deck Cleaner.

How to protect upholstery and carpets

Apply a Fabric Protector or Water Proofer.

Teak decking has turned grey

Replenish the colour with a Teak Care Kit and if needed, seal with Teak Sealer.

How to remove limescale stains from a shower screen

Use Crystal Vision to clean and seal.

When raining to travelling at speed, poor vision experienced through windscreen

To reduce the need to use windscreen wipers, clean and seal with Crystal Vision.

Cracking on leather seats

Restore and repair with our Leather Kit.

Dullness even after the boat has been washed

Standard washing liquids, such as Fairy or Jif, will harm the surface of your boat. Alternatively, use Wash N Shine Shampoo or as a short term solution, Speed Finish.

My tender is always dirty

Using an Eradicator Sponge, clean with our Rib and Dinghy Cleaner and then seal with our Rib and Dinghy Sealant.

Visibility through the plastic/vinyl windows is poor

Use our PVC Restorer to clean. This will also help if there are any surface scratches.

Scratches on the polycarbonate hatches

Use our PVC Restorer, which will fill in the surface scratches. If scratching has occurred on the inside of the polycarbonate then scratches cannot be removed.

I am planning on repainting my boat

This can be a very costly expense (a narrow boat can costs £8000), but ising A Glaze will reduce the need for a respray and will prolong the life span of the paintwork, saving nearly £7500!

I take my boat out at the end of each season, but my boat has antifoul

If your boat has a coat of antifoul, use the Heavy Duty Hull Cleaner neat and leave it on the surface for a prolonged period of time. This should remove the thin layer of antifoul.

Algae stains on the canopy

Clean using our new Canopy Cleaner, and seal with our new formula Fabric Protector to stop mildew and algae forming.

Tea stains on the GRP near to the sink outlet

Try using an Eradicator Sponge from the Nano Kit in the first intance. The Nano Lubricant may aggrigate the stair more. If the stain doesn’t lift using the sponge, use the Marine Preparation or diluted Hull Cleaner. Brush on and hose off after 10 minutes.


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