Glass & Polycarbonate Protection

Our Aglaze Crystal Vision glass cleaner and sealant is silicon free with hydophobic properties giving it water and oil repellent properties. Reducing the need to use windscreen wipers, our AGlaze Crystal Vision makes glass easy to clean allowing water to bead and run off the screen.

For larger vessels, where glass has previously be cleaned using vinegar or other acid based cleaners, AGlaze Crystal Vision stops the need to use these as it will prevent the build up of hard to clean dirt, grime, calcium, salt and soiling.

Don’t be disheartened by glass that looks like it is beyond repair! Aglaze products will give them back their sparkle and leave surfces ready to be sealed with Crystal Vision.

Stainless Steel Protection

AGlaze Stainless Steel Sealant is the perfect product to use on any polished or brushed stainless steel surfaces as it bonds with the steel to create a protective barrier, to avoid damage.

Ongoing maintenance of a sealed surface is less time consuming if you can avoid the use of brasive products to lift dirt and grime. If the steel has already oxidised, a shine can be achieved by using our Metal Polish and then seal with the Stainless Steel Sealant.


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